Brendel/Vitron Tissue Slicer

Brendel/Vitron Tissue SlicerThe Brendel/Vitron Tissue Slicer is used to prepare viable precision-cut tissue slices under cold and oxygenated preservation solution (V-7 or Viaspan). The tissue slicer is composed of Lucite, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Delrin, Teflon, and Stainless Steel and can be sterilized with 70% ethanol. A glass trap is connected to the slicer by upper and lower tubing connections. Slice accumulation, cooling of the slicing solution and gassing are accomplished with a glass trap and an oxygen/carbon dioxide driven aerator pump. The slicer incorporates a disposable rotating circular blade driven by a low voltage motor operating at 200 rpm. The distance between an adjustable base plate and the bottom of the core holder, as well as the weight of the piston, determines slice thickness. Cutting of slices from tissue cores is done semi-manually by pushing a slicer arm across the rotating blade.

  • Optimal slice diameter is 8 mm
  • Optimal slice thickness is 200 µm for liver, kidney, heart, thyroid and pancreas
  • Optimal lung slice thickness is 450 µm
  • Full thickness slices should be used for intestine and skin
  • V-7 Cold Preservation Solution can be purchased from Vitron or prepared by client

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